KRA iTax Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll software solution also integrates to KRA's iTax system by producing the required iTax P10 file in the import csv format.

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NHIF Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll solution also integrates to NHIF by generating employers monthly payroll byproducts to NHIF via the online Byproduct system.

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NSSF Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll solution will also generate the monthly NSSF Payroll Template in the required format by the SF24 Management system.

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Payslip Sample

Gross Salary : KES 000.00


Value of Quarters : KES 000.00

Relief Type: KES

Tax Details:

Benefits : KES 000.00

NSSF : KES 1080 (NSSF: 1080 + Voluntary: 0)

Pension : KES 000.00 (Pension: 000.00 + Voluntary: 000.00)

Chargeable Pay : KES 000.00

Tax Charged : KES 000.00

Monthly Personal Relief : KES 2,400.00

Monthly Insurance Relief : KES 000.00

NHIF Relief : KES 000.00

Affordable Housing Levy (AHL): KES 000.00

Deductions :

PAYE : KES 000.00

NSSF : KES 1,080.00

NHIF : KES 000.00

Other Deductions : KES 000.00

Housing Levy: KES 000.00

Pension: KES 000.00

Total Deductions : KES 000.00

Net Salary:

KES 000.00

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Pay as You Earn (PAYE) is a mandatory statutory tax deduction that comprises of a portion of an employees remuneration that is remitted to KRA on a monthly basis. PAYE is calculated based on an employee's Gross Earnings. These include money for hours worked, overtime, travel allowances, sick pay, payment in lieu of leave, commissions, bonuses, gratuities, or subsistence, as well as any other benefits earned while working.

Employers withhold this tax from an employee's pay and submit it to KRA on their employees behalf via KRA Online Portal. The employee's payroll information is compiled into a single zip file using a unique Microsoft Excel file called an iTax P10 file (Click Here to get the latest file). How to fill this out may be found in our iTax P10 how-to tutorial.

Take Note: Effective January 2022 insurance relief is now applicable to NHIF after gazettement of the The Finance Act No.8 of 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical questions Payroll professionals ask when filing returns at the end of the month...

When is the deadline for filing PAYE on the KRA iTax Portal?

The deadline for filing PAYE income tax is on the 9th Day of the following month. For example remitting the returns for income earned in the month of January will be due by the 9th of February.

When is the deadline for filing NHIF?

The deadline for filing NHIF contributions is also on the 9th Day of the following month. For example the contributions for the month of January will be due by the 9th of February.

When is the deadline for filing NSSF?

The deadline for filing NSSF contributions is on the 15th Day of the following month. For example the contributions for the month of January will be due by the 15th of February.

Why am I unable to file PAYE returns for this month on the KRA iTax?

The KRA iTax Portal will allow you to file returns of your current month as from the first day of the next month. For example, the option to upload the PAYE returns for January will be available from the first day of February and will be due by the 9th day of February. This means that as from the first day of the month you will have 9 days to file your returns for the previous month.

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