WinguApps Point Of Sale (Restaurant Module)

The WinguApps POS - Restaurant module is a robust Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software Solution ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars and even kibandas. WinguApps POS is considered the best POS software solution in Kenya for emerging businesses.

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User-Friendly Web Interface

The WinguAppsPOS comprises of an easy to use feature rich web interface that makes it easy for waiters to place orders and managers and kitchen staff to view, analyse and process incoming orders. The web interface also allows waiters to place remote orders directly from the client's table using portable tablets or mobile devices


Mobile, Tablet & Touch-Screen Optimized

The WinguAppsPOS interface is optimized for multiple devices including mobile, Tablet, or Touch Screed devices making the order placement process for waiters seamless and efficient with easy to navigate access to functions, items and filterable products and categories allowing them to place larger more complex orders much faster and more efficiently.

Advanced Features

The WinguAppsPOS comes with advanced and unique features that are not common in other systems such as unlimited table and waiter/biller allocations with each table having unlimited customer Split Bills (itemized costing per customer) and Split Payments (multiple payment methods per bill) with ledgers for suspended or open bills (per Table or Customer basis).



Our Unique Features

The WinguAppsPOS is a reputable and market-leading supplier of POS software for restaurants and bars. WinguAppsPOS is the ideal Point of Sale Software with its unique and advanced features and tools that are ideal for Small-Medium Sized Businesses.

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Credit Sales
  • Touchscreen support
  • Cash Drawer Support
  • Multiple Stores Support
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Orders Queue Kitchen Display
  • Loyalty Cards
  • User Rights Control
  • E-Mailing, SMS & WhatsApp Functions for Reports & Notifications
Key POS Interfaces

Built-In Advanced Interfaces

The WinguApps POS Solution comes with several built-in interfaces for different roles...

Customer Loyalty & Staff Incentives

The WinguApps POS comes with built-in functions that add value to both the customers and the staff by performing advanced and complementary functions that incentivise both customers and staff keeping everyone happy and increasing productivity, sales and performance for your company.

Customer Loyalty Points

The WinguApps POS allows you to reward your customers based on their accumulated points. These rewards can be configured in the form of special discounts or complementary items.

Sales Commissions

The WinguApps POS allows you to incentivise waiters or billers by offering sales commissions on placed orders of which can be integrated to the staff payroll where cumulative commissions can be disbursed and tracked.


Advanced Analytics, Understand Your Business

The WinguApps POS comes with advanced business intelligence and analytics tools and reports. Reports are fully customizable and cover by default most industry and accounting standards as well as compliance. Some of the default reports that come with the system include:

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Sales Reports
  • Daily Registers
  • Customer Ledgers
  • Suspended Orders
  • Re-order Stocks
  • Profit analysis and Margins
  • Sales Commissions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes
  • Stock Sheets

The WinguApps POS Experience..

Designed to manage customers, sales, inventory, and all of your restaurant's business procedures, the WinguApps POS system is a straightforward solution that is a user-friendly and cost effective tool that can empower your restaurant business.

The WinguApps POS solution gives you complete control over managing users, items, categories, suppliers, customers, transactions, reports, and more thanks to its simple Admin/User friendly Dashboard.

  • 55K+

    Orders processed.

  • 5K+

    Customers Served.

  • 15M+

    Revenue and commissions processed.

  • 99%

    Customer Satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this POS Split Payments?

Yes. The system is capable of splitting payments for a customer bill meaning each guest can get their own itemized bill based on their preferences on that they choose to pay for. The system can also split the bill into multiple payments such as cash and MPESA for each guest.

2. Can I view my daily sales remotely?

Yes. The WinguApps POS is web-based giving you enough flexibility to view your sales reports from anywhere. Just open your computer's browser and login to your manager account. It's that simple!

3. Can I get notifications on re-order stock?

Yes. The system is capable of sending Email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications.

4. Can this POS work with a Touch-Screen?

Yes. The WinguApps POS is capable of working with a touch-screen, a mobile device, and even a PC tablet or iPad.

5. Can this POS System process PDQs?

Yes. The system can process PDQ payments as well as MPESA payments.


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