The WinguApps Approach

While we aim to deliver each project on time and according to best practice high standards, our bottomup approach keeps the client fully aware of all the project’s stages all the time. This approach allows the client to overview the final design, while we work on the development of the individual requirements of the project, and follow its progress from inception to completion.

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Our Values

The Core Values that Drive Everything

WinguApps has deployed a vast amount of resources on to providing an integrated, stable, reliable, secure and highly redundant dynamic web platform that provides you with easily scalable and robust web applications and services that will automate and empower your business while simplifing your workday allowing you to focus On your core business.

  • Strategic Partners

    The strength of WINGUAPPS is built upon the expertise of our team and the strategic partnerships we have formed with a number of leading companies at the forefront of the IT advancements, both regionally & globally.

  • Leading Cloud-Based Solutions Provider

    Far from re-inventing the wheel, WINGUAPPS is ready to customize software solutions from global leaders whenever they are the most appropriate for the task in hand. We always use state-of-the-art software from internationally recognized vendors, adding to this the proven expertise of our highly trained team of professionals.

  • Competitive Prices

    WINGUAPPS’s professional services and advanced solutions are offered at reasonable rates. We are confident that our prices will impress you compared with the high level of services we provide.

  • Quick and Easy Deployment and Implementation
  • Centralized Secure Access
  • Professionally managed infrastructure
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What our Subscribers Say...

Lydia Mbitha
Kilifi Plantations
The payroll very effective, reliable and easy to manage employees details and disbursement. Less Laborious.
Michael Muhoro.
Lepic Excecutive Salon
The Payroll has helped us synchronize our sales commissions effectively and accurately from the Point of Sale Module.
Phenny Kiwinga
Alibarbours Cave Restaurant
If I'd be asked to describe this software in just three words....Reliable, Efficient and 24/7 support service.