WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate Tier IV - up to 200 Employees

The WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Lite is Cloud Based Kenyan Payroll Software (SaaS) that is designed to process employees monthly payroll and in compliance to Kenya’s statutory remittance and income tax regulations and includes bulk e-payslips via email and WhatsApp zip and password- protected, an employee self-service portal, and reports compliant with KRA iTax, NSSF, and NHIF formats. Employee salaries can be disbursed directly from the system to MPESA, Airtel Money, or Bank Accounts with ANY Bank in Kenya. The WinguApps Payroll is Kenya's leading online Payroll Software Solution that will handle all your payroll processing requirements and do more.

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KRA iTax Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll software solution also integrates to KRA's iTax system by producing the required iTax P10 file in the import csv format.

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NHIF Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll solution also integrates to NHIF by generating employers monthly payroll byproducts to NHIF via the online Byproduct system.

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NSSF Compliant

The WinguApps Payroll solution will also generate the monthly NSSF Payroll Template in the required format by the SF24 Management system.

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Our Robust Solutions Integrate with Powerful Tools...

Software integrations make it possible for your present information systems, gadgets, and applications to interact freely with other corporate systems, enhancing interoperability.

Key Advantages:

  • Increased productivity

    Integration enables you to save the time spent on repetitive tasks and minimizes errors, helping you boost business efficiency.

  • Better management and analysis

    System integration enables you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of how well your company is performing and to make informed decisions about its future growth.

  • Integrates with Crystal Reports
  • Integrates with Sage Pastel & QuickBooks
  • Integrates with iTax, NSSF, NHIF, NITA
  • Integrates with MPESA, Airtel Money, Pesalink
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Key Payroll Modules

Built-In Advanced Modules

The WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate comes with several built-in modules...

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Advanced Reports

Extensive Summary Reports to give you beter Anayitics Data...

WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate gives you advanced reporting tools that are filterable and can retrieve data from previous periods without having to roll-back from backups and restore data.

  • Fully Customizeable

    The reports are fully customizable and can represent data from multiple source tables in one sheet.

  • Different Export Formats

    Reports can be exported into multiple formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, TXT...


The WinguApps Payroll has all The Features you Need

Payroll professionals can accomplish compliance and efficiency by utilizing payroll software technologies. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to guarantee that their payroll technologies are operating at their peak efficiency. The WinguApps Payroll has extensive features to facilitate these neeeds.

Advanced Reports and Analytics

The WinguApps Payroll uses SAP's Crystal Reporting tools to deliver powerful analytical reports from a collection of various related data from the payroll database.

The WinguApps Payroll comes with standard reports but additional customized reports can be in corporate for company specific use cases.

Included standard reports...
  • ALL Stattutory Reports (PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, P9's, P10's, P11's, NITA)
  • Payslips
  • Payroll Reconcilliation reports
  • Payroll Coinage Analysis
  • Payroll Control Totals and Company Totals
  • Summaries by Branch, Department, Cost Center, Payroll Category, and Employee Types
  • Employee Leave and Loan Schedules
  • Payroll Audit Trails
  • Payment Lists (Bank, Cash, Cheque, MPESA)
  • Company Statictics (Organisation Structure, Job Posts and Vaccancies, Employee Distributoin and more...)

Payroll Batches

The WinguApps Payroll as a unique feature that not only allows for faster payroll processing for large numbers of staff, but also facilitates delegation and gives more accountability. Adjustments made to a monthly payroll can be controlled and tracked using detailed batch analysis reports. Different approval levels can be assigned to batches to give senior management more authority, control, and transparency when approving monthly payroll adjustments. The workload of preparing the monthly payroll can be distributed to several system users though different payroll batches speeding up payroll preparation tasks and at the same time improving accuracy and offering accountability.

Data Export and Import

ALL monthly statutory remittance files can be exported from the WinguApps Payroll. These include the iTax PAYE file as well as the NHIF byproduct and NSSF Payroll Template files respectively. These files come in ready-to-import format and can be directly imported into the online portals without any additional adjustments reducing the likelihood of double entry errors.

Monthly / Weekly Payroll

Whether it's Permanent or Contract staffs that are paid on a monthly basis or weekly casuals, the WinguApps Payroll will handle both payroll types. The WinguApps Payroll has a module for weekly casuals and provides separate reports and analysis for casuals, contract, and permanent staff.

Online Leave Administration

Members of staff can login to their staff care employee self-service portals and apply for annual or other types of leave and will be restricted to their leave days as per their leave schedule. Leave administrators and staff also receive email notifications based on the actions taken against their leave applications.

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

Employees can login to their self care portals using their staff ID's and unique passwords, and access their lifetime Payslips, P9's, and personal information details through the WinguApps Payroll Employe Self Service Portal. They may also apply for Leave, Loans, and Salary Advances.

Multi-User Roles

The WinguApps Payroll can accommodate different roles for different users. The security module allows for Read-only, Update Only, Delete Only, and Full-Access right to be assigned to different user groups (Roles) of which system users can be assigned to and perform different functions from the various modules on the WinguApps Payroll.

Salary Disbursements

The WinguApps Payroll has the capability of administering payroll signatories who can remotely authorize and approve salary disbursements. Salaries can be disbursed through various channels such as direct bank transfers using Pesalink, MPESA, and Airtel Money payment methods.'

Unlimited User-Defined Parameters

The WinguApps Payroll has unlimited definable earnings, deductions, loans, and savings parameters. The WinguApps Payroll is capable of handling overtime, advances, loans (with reducing balances), savings, pension contributions, voluntary contributions, personal and insurance reliefs, non-cash benefits and much more.

Biometrics Integration

The WinguApps Payroll seamlessly integrates to ALL ZKTeko biometric devices and will automatically download all time and attendance sheets from biometric devices distributed across an offices local network. The WinguApps payroll can then generate attendance sheets and calculate overtime hours based on the data collected from biometric and time attendance devices.

Employee Mass Data Implementation

To speed up implementation, the WinguApps Payroll can generate a compatible excel-format template where mass employee data import functions can be carried out during initial data implementation or when a company merger occurs bringing in a large influx of new employees.

Our Client On boarding Process

Getting Started with Payroll

Get your payroll up and running in 5 Easy steps.

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  • Step 1

    Membership Registration

    Quickly Sign-Up and get started on the WinguApps Platform. It's absolutely FREE!

  • Step 2

    Select & Subscribe

    Select the most suitable subscription based on the number of staff your business employs.

  • Step 3

    Setup & Configure

    Set up and Configure Payroll Data using the WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate user-friendly getting started assistant wizard.

  • Step 4

    Run Payroll

    Process payroll data and generate summary reports, Payslips, Company Totals, Payroll Reconcilliation Reports, Statutory deductions and more.

  • Step 5

    Disburse Payments

    Initiate payment disbursements to staff based on their payment methods.

Plans & Pricing

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WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate Yearly Subscription (1 Year)

  • Upto 200 Employees
  • ALL Statutory Reports
  • ESS Portal Access
  • 10 System Users
  • E - Payslips
  • Payment Disbursements
  • Email Notifications
  • Batch Tranactions
  • Statutory Export File Formats (PAYE,NHIF,NSSF)
  • Ticket Support
  • 24 Hr + Holidays Support
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Export Integrations

WinguApps Payroll Software - EasyPay Corporate

Tier IV - up to 200 Employees

KES 320,000 /Year

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Our Subscribers ROI

In view of the rapid changes in the Information Technology (IT) industry, the WinguApps Platform offers strategic solutions that empower businesses and provide a key stepping stone to their digital transformation growth.


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What our Subscribers Say...

Lydia Mbitha
Kilifi Plantations
The payroll very effective, reliable and easy to manage employees details and disbursement. Less Laborious.
Michael Muhoro.
Lepic Excecutive Salon
The Payroll has helped us synchronize our sales commissions effectively and accurately from the Point of Sale Module.
Phenny Kiwinga
Alibarbours Cave Restaurant
If I'd be asked to describe this software in just three words....Reliable, Efficient and 24/7 support service.