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We develop a variety of mobile apps for both consumer and B2B applicatons. Our mobile apps are compatible with the Android Platform and are integrated to local Kenyan payment gateway services such as:

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App Features Overviewy

Our Special Features...

Our applications come with various Advanced and Integrated Built-In Functionality


WhatsApp Notifications

Our solutions have integrated WhatsApp notifications that can send alerts, notifications or various other types of information in various formats ranging from PDF, Word, Excel CSV, or Image Media directly via WhatsApp..


Email Notifications

Our solutions also incorporate email notifications. Mail can be configured like any other third party client, and critical notifications and attachments can be sent out to system administrators as well as users.


SMS Notifications

Our systems have built-in functionality for SMS. Short text messages can be broadcasted to system administrators, end users, or your customers using the WinguApps Platform.


OTP Verification

Our applications have OTP capability. OTP offers more security and control over actions or access to resources that require secondary authentication.


API Integration

Our systems are able to integrate to various third party applications such as accounting and core banking solutions, government regulatory or statutory data remittance portals, data analytics and reporting services and various other API driven integrations.


Automatic Data Syncronization

Our cloud applications connect automatically to the WinguApps Platform and download critical critical system updates all as background tasks.


Barcode/QR Code Generation

Our WinguApps Platform has a Barcode Generator and QR Code Generator Engine that will give your applications the power to generate barcodes for products or services as well as invoices for your clients.


Automated Data Backups

There's no need to worry about your company's data as our WinguApps Platform is managed by professionals. Automatic Daily backups are generated and accessible at any time offering more data redundancy and integrity.


Dedicated Support

We have dedicated modular support as per your subscription. We use your license key to determine the exact service you need critical assistance on giving you a mode dedicated approach to solving your support issues as they may arise from time to time.



Frequently Asked Questions

We receive common questions for the develompment of our Mobile Apps..

Which OS do you develop your Mobile Apps for?

We primarily focus on Android Apps however on we are capable of producing iOS apps though the demand is not as high as Android.

Are your Apps compatible with Play Store?

Yes. Our Mobile Apps are compatible with Google's PlayStore.

How long does it take to develop a fully working Mobile App?

Typically anywhere from 3 months or more depending on the scope of the project.

Can your Apps connect with MPESA?

Absolutely. As API integration is a critical process in our systems integration, we make it paramount to give payment and payment integration options including MPESA to applications we develop.

Can your Applications send WhatsApp Notifications?

Yes. We give you an API Key which is linked to a subscription where you can manage your WhatsApp credits and monitor your sent messages log.

Can your Applications back up data?

Yes. Our applications perform automatic data backups based on user preferences.

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