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WinguApps Hotspot Manager

The WinguApps Hotspot Manager Solution is a Captive Wi-Fi Portal Solution or "Subscription Network" that redirects users of a wireless network to an authentication page before they are granted access to the internet and is commonly used in coffee shops, internet cafes, hotels, airports, and other public locations.

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How It Works

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution is an interface that has been implemented into the authentication process of connecting to a wireless network.

work process
  • Step 1


    Guest user selects and joins open Wi-Fi Hotspot SSID

  • Step 2

    Enter Mobile #

    User enters mobile phone # and waits for OTP code

  • Step 3

    Enter OTP

    User enters OTP code and logs into the captive portal (managing their personal data is optional)

  • Step 4

    Select Voucher

    User selects suitable package (is redirected to billing, invoice and checkout if chargeable)

  • Step 5

    Start Browsing

    User is redirected to successful connection page and internet access granted based on voucher subscription (same page after successful checkout and payment)

Our Captive WiFi Portal Solution

The WinguApps Hotspot Manager provides secure authentication and authorization for employees and customers accessing a Wi-Fi network. Features of our Captive WiFi Solution:

OTP Authentication

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows access to internet Wi-Fi Hotspots by using mobile number to send OTP login codes as opposed to asking host for Wi-Fi Passwords.

Internet Voucher Auto-generation

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows hosts to dynamically configure internet usage vouchers from their Admin Dashboard with various setting such as Price, Bandwidth (Upload/Download), Duration, and Number of devices.

Subscriptions & Billing

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows Hosts to link checkout options for the different internet vouchers for billing and payment for internet usage charged to their clients.

Multiple Location Access

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows multiple zone access from one subscription. This means if you pay at one location and visit another branch, access is automatically granted for recognised devices. (One subscription, multiple locations)

Multiple Devices per Subscription

The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows connected clients to extend and share internet access to all or multiple devices all under one subscription. (Login and authenticate once, connect everything)


The WinguApps Captive Portal Wi-Fi Solution allows independent advertisers to advertise and showcase their products on a Host's Network.

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Monetize Your Internet Hotspot Though Advertising

Give independent advertisers the power to extend their reach to their clients by advertising on your Wi-Fi hotspot network and monetize from it. Advertisers can remotely publish their adverts and select the zones/sites they wish to advertise in.

  • Unlimited Adverts
  • Selected/Multiple Zones
  • Recurrent Biling
  • Monetized Adverts
  • Public Announcements
  • Showcase Products/Services


The WinguApps Captive Portal Solution Management comes with tons of robust and dynamic features. Users tend to ask common questions about certain functions and features. Some of them include:

No. The solution auto-generates an OTP code and sends it to the mobile number that has been entered by the client for authentication.
The Wi-Fi network has encryption on multiple layers and uses the MAC Address of a device and the particular access point the device is connecting from to determine the EXACT location and various other device information from the client that is trying to access the network.
No. This solution allows a host to set up and extend their Wi-Fi Hotspot across ALL their branches or locations. This means that if their client subscribes to an internet voucher in one location, should they visit the other locations their devices will be automatically recognised and granted access.
Absolutely Yes! You can create one Wi-Fi network for your restaurant and have your customers gain access from whichever location they choose to go to while maintaining a single subscription.
No. Once you log in, you can select multiple devices you wish to grant access to and share your subscription. The number of devices you can grant is determined by the host of the network you are connecting to. You may also remove and replace devices as you wish.
No. The WinguApps Captive Wi-Fi solution has a centralized database and will automatically disconnect people whose subscriptions have expired. So you don’t have to worry about chasing people away from hogging your internet.
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What our Subscribers Say...

Lydia Mbitha
Kilifi Plantations
The payroll very effective, reliable and easy to manage employees details and disbursement. Less Laborious.
Michael Muhoro.
Lepic Excecutive Salon
The Payroll has helped us synchronize our sales commissions effectively and accurately from the Point of Sale Module.
Phenny Kiwinga
Alibarbours Cave Restaurant
If I'd be asked to describe this software in just three words....Reliable, Efficient and 24/7 support service.
Fully Functional

Compatible with multiple difftrent types of devices. (PC's, Laptops, iPads, Android Phones, Apple Macs, iOS Phoes etc...)

Customized Branding

Hosts can add custom branding logos, announcements, images, etc....

Automated Billing

Simplified billing to cliens via STK Push.

Automated Access

Automated access on multiple host locations.